Top 5 High-rise Condominium Projects For Sales in Phnom Penh

31 July 2023 | Posted in Content Hub | Tagged: High-rise

With the increasing demand for housing in Cambodia and the combination of higher household income among middle-class groups and urbanized lifestyles, condominiums have gained immense popularity as affordable housing for citizens. According to CBRE Cambodia research, the first quarter of 2023 indicates a stable demand for condominium sales, despite uncertainties in the market. Condominium purchases can be suitable for both residential use and business ventures, offering less financial burden and great terms for the down payment and mortgage loan rates. Furthermore, this is the best time ever to invest in high-rise condominium projects. As real estate investment can be challenging, let us help make it easier for you with our carefully selected top 5 high-rise condominium projects. Continue reading below to find out more!

Top 5 High-rise Condominium Projects For Sales with the Best River View in Phnom Penh

     In addition to living in the condominium themselves, condominium owners can choose whether to rent the condominium as a residential property, Airbnb, or a commercial property for rent to a variety of tenants. Ultimately, a condominium can provide both conveniences as a high-luxury residence and another source of passive income for owners. In addition to the pricing offers, buyers must consider the properties’ quality, size, living environment, and other qualities that contribute to a comfortable lifestyle. These are the top 5 high-rise condominium projects for sale that meet all the requirements as the best condominiums available.


5. Modern 2-Bedroom Condominium with Mekong River View | Chroy Chongvar 

       Living in luxury without having to spend excessive amounts of money is a dream come true, and this modern high-rise condominium can easily turn that dream into reality. Situated on Mekong River Street in the prime location of Chroy Chongvar, this 22-story condominium offers easy access to the city, as well as nearby malls, restaurants, cafes, and more, all within minutes of driving. Notably, this condominium is pet-friendly and provides a serene and tranquil living environment, boasting the best river views of both the Mekong River and Bassac River, making it one of the most highly sought-after condominiums in the area.

The condominium features two spacious bedrooms, a living room, separate bathrooms, and a kitchen, along with an outdoor balcony on the 21st floor. Additionally, as an owner, you will enjoy unparalleled privacy, 24-hour security, internet and cable TV access, air conditioning, hot and cold showers, and a robust fire security system.


4. Stunning Riverfront View Condominium | Chroy Chongvar 

       The essence of this condominium lies in offering a healthy and high-quality living standard. Conveniently located within just 150 meters from the Chroy Chongvar bridge, the owner of this condominium can easily access groceries, daily necessities, food, drinks, and various leisure activities in the vicinity. Residents can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with amenities such as a fully equipped gym, infinity pool, and mini sky bar. From the 13th floor, the owner of this condominium can savor a refreshing breeze and take in the relaxing river views of the Tonle Sab and Mekong River directly from the balcony. The unit features 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and comes with additional amenities including an oven, washing machine, air conditioning, and hot and cold showers. Remarkably, this stunning condominium is not only available at an affordable price, but it also offers a monthly Guaranteed Return Rental package of $1500 for over two years, making it an attractive option for investors. Experience a safe, healthy, and stress-free living environment at this condominium in Chroy Chongvar today! 


3. High Floor River View Studio Condominium | Chroy Chongvar 

       Are you looking for a simple yet premium condominium? Allow us to introduce you to this exquisite studio condominium located on the 13th floor in Chroy Chongvar. With its classic white interior design, raised tiled floors, and minimal yet bright lighting, this condominium offers a sophisticated ambiance. Residents will be treated to a breathtaking riverfront view, maximum security surveillance services, access to a rooftop sky bar and swimming pool, and private parking spaces. Commuting to and from this condominium is incredibly convenient, as it is only a 5-minute drive from the French Embassy and within 3 minutes of Lucky Supermarket. With its serene view, residents can enjoy a relaxing stay while taking in the best views of the city and riverside.


2. Luxury 1-Bedroom Condominium With Beautiful River View | Chbar Ampov 

      Introducing the hottest deal ever for a river view condominium: a stunning 1-bedroom unit located in Chbar Ampov. This condominium offers a prime location, being just a 15-minute drive away from both the Phnom Penh Port and the new international airport, with an excellent view of the Bassac River and Mekong River. Positioned between these two rivers, residents can relish the natural clean air while enjoying the picturesque riverside scenery. The condominium boasts top-notch facilities and the highest standard of quality, seamlessly blending visual elegance with modern and traditional Cambodian culture. The unit itself features a luxurious interior design and an innovative layout designed to provide the utmost comfort for a desirable lifestyle. Most notably, residents can indulge in a breathtaking 270-degree view of the river at any time of the day. Beyond the magnificent view, this condominium offers an ideal environment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring the well-being of both the mind and body.      


1. Private Condominium With Waterfront River View | Chroy Chongvar 

     Immerse yourself in an elegant and luxurious lifestyle within this private, high-end residential condominium located on the 44th level. The residents of this Chroy Chongvar condominium will enjoy unparalleled comfort, convenience, and ease both inside and outside the premises of the condominium. Positioned on the city side, this condominium offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Tonle Sab River and the cityscape, with convenient access to nearby grade-A office buildings, restaurants, entertainment venues, leisure activities, and other commercial establishments. Residents can indulge in a wide range of exceptional facilities, including the largest infinity pool, a sky gym, a fitness center equipped with yoga facilities, a sauna, a badminton court, as well as fine dining options, a stylish bar, and a host of other facilities. This condominium seamlessly integrates international 5-star hotel management standards and suitable energy consumption technology. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this extraordinary and luxurious lifestyle with this unbelievable offer. Take the chance to elevate your living experience to new heights. 

       Many local buyers and investors are taking advantage of the vast discounts on high-end condominium sales offers, and you should too! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a residential condominium or invest to generate additional income streams. Our curated list of the top 5 high-rise condominium projects not only offers the best affordable price on the market but also provides a high-standard living environment, exceptional quality, and even stunning river views from the residential spaces. 

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our selections, please feel free to contact our CBRE Residential Services Team at 085 222 744 or via email at [email protected]. We are more than happy to provide you with further information!

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