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What is the difference between a centrally-owned and strata-title office?

Centrally owned office buildings are owned by a single company or person. They are leased to tenants by the owner. Strata-title office buildings are co-owned buildings whereby the developer has split the property into multiple ownerships and sold some or all of the space on a unit by unit basis. There are many more technical […]

What is the length of the fit-out period I will get when renting an office space in Cambodia?

The length of the rent free fit-out period available for office space will vary depending upon the length of the lease term and the size of the office space taken. Most rent free fit-out periods are for between one and two months. Larger spaces and longer lease terms can often mean a longer rent free […]

How many car parking spaces will I get when I rent an office in Cambodia?

The typical car parking ratio for office buildings in Phnom Penh is 1 space per 150 square meters. Car parking is usually chargeable.

What is the difference between a condominium and a serviced apartment?

A condominium is part of a co-owned building, which means that the units have been sold to a number of different buyers and that the units are owned by separate investors. A serviced apartment is a building which is controlled by an operating company and leased out on a unit by unit basis. Serviced apartments […]

I have a pet, can I rent an apartment in Phnom Penh?

Some pet friendly apartments exist, but they are a bit few and far between. Be sure to tell your agent about your pet so that they can pre-screen options and identify the best solution for you. Contact our Residential Leasing team today for a selection of the best pet friendly apartments in the city [internal […]

How much does fitting out an office cost in Cambodia?

A typical office fit-out costs between US$250 and US$600 per square meter, but can be as much as $1,000 per square meter if a high-end finish or lots of technology enabled fittings are required. Our specialist office leasing brokers work with tenants of all different budgets and can help find the best solution for your […]

How much commission do agents charge, and who pays?

The commission payable on leasing deals varies by the type of property and the length of the lease terms. For a short term residential lease the commission would be equivalent to 1 month’s rent, or less. Longer terms can attract commission of up to 2 months rent. Occuaptional commercial leases will attract commission of between […]

How much deposit do I need to pay?

The amount of deposit payable will change depending on the type of property that you are renting. For residential properties you should be prepared to pay between one and two months rent as a deposit. For commercial spaces, including office and retail, the general rule of thumb is that one months rent per year of […]

Apart from Rent, is there anything else that I need to pay?

Your agent should clearly state any additional charges, but in general there are a few extra charges payable on top of rent. What is payable will change depending on the type of property you are renting. Commercial space, including offices, retail and industrial property will be subject to service charges and VAT will also be […]

Do I need insurance when I take occupation of my property in Cambodia?

It is usual for a developer to require buyers to obtain home insurance for their property upon handover of the unit. You should ask your agent and make sure you check the details closely in the legal documentation of the sale.

Can I resell an off-plan property in Cambodia?

Normally yes you have the right to resell off-plan property in Cambodia, but this may be subject to some level of restriction, often tied to the sale rate of the project.

Is there a waranty period when I buy a new property in Cambodia?

The most common scenario is that a one year warranty period is provided on new properties in Cambodia, but you should always check the details with your agent and ensure the details are noted in the legal documentation of the sale.

Can I get a mortgage when I buy a property in Cambodia?

Mortgages are available from commercial banks in Cambodia. The requirements applied to the buyer will vary depending upon the type of property and the bank involved. Normally the buyer would have to be based in Cambodia and have a source of income in the country. Expatriate buyers can usually only obtain a shorter term mortgage, […]

What currency is used when buying real estate in Cambodia?

In Cambodia the US Dollar is currently used for all real estate transactions and payments are made in US Dollars.

Do I need a lawyer to buy real estate in Cambodia?

CBRE Cambodia would always suggest that you engage a lawyer to assist you and make sure you get the best advice available, however, there is no legal requirement for you to use a lawyer and for many purchasers buyers choose not to, particularly for off-plan borey, villa and condominium purchases.

Where can I get more information about purchasing real estate in Cambodia?

There are lots of helpful guides available online, particularly from many of the law firms. You can access CBRE Cambodia’s Investment Guide here: [internal link to investment guide] or contact our agents for more assistance.

Who pays an agent’s commission in Cambodia? And how much is it?

There are a wide range of commission rates that may apply to a property transaction in Cambodia. Buyers rarely pay commission unless using an agent to locate a specific type of property on their behalf. Purchasers are usually responsible for commission payments and the rate can vary between 2% and 12%. Higher commission rates are […]

What taxes do I have to pay when buying a property in Cambodia?

VAT is payable on the transaction of buildings in Cambodia, but not on land. VAT is charged at the rate of 10%. Transfer tax (stamp duty) equivalent to 4% of the transacted value of the property is payable. Tax on Immovable Property: Tax is imposed at a rate of 0.1% on the value of the […]