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Building Manager

Location: Phnom Penh
1 Positions
Application Deadline: 30 November 2023


  • At least 5-10 years experience in residential property management;
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal English and communication skills;
  • Able to interact with a wide range of clients, personnel and their demands;
  • Having knowledge of occupational safety requirements;
  • Strong PC literacy and proven ability to manage daily activities;
  • Demonstrated management experience with continuous improvement;
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in related field.


  1. Fully oversee and be responsible for the day-to-day managerial and financial operation of the property; including leading all managerial, administrative and technical personnel;
  2. To ensure optimum satisfaction of all occupiers of the common area and facilities of the property;
  3. To set, implement and monitor operation standards for all aspects of the property’s management in cooperation with the client to ensure the efficient running of the property;
  4. To monitor and evaluate the performance of all management personnel, contractors and sub-contractors – regularly meet with service contractors to ensure performance standards are met;
  5. To prepare and operate on yearly budgets; monitor and control expenses within agreed budgets;
  6. To communicate with – and report to the client and/or their representatives on all matters relating to the property and the use of its facilities;
  7. To prepare and propose improvement plans for all aspects of the property and its facilities, including but not limited to cost effective operations, energy savings, access control, safety and security;
  8. To coordinate with, lead and guide the engineering personnel to take measures in case repairs or improvements to the property may affect its occupiers;
  9. To set, prepare and conduct annual fire drills, property evacuation procedures and related safety trainings;
  10. To prepare and conduct regular formal meetings with the clients and/or occupiers of the property;
  11. To ensure smooth financial operation of the property including following up on the outstanding payments;
  12. To collect and analyze operational data of the property and its facilities and prepare professional recommendations based on these findings;
  13. To source, scan, compare and negotiate with external suppliers or service providers for any dealings related with the property, including contracts and procurements;
  14. To communicate, coordinate and deal with all relevant government institutions


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