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Parking Supervisor

Location: Phnom Penh
1 Positions
Application Deadline: 31 October 2023
  1. Maintain operations at parking area
  2. Respond swiftly to sound of alarm of vehicles
  3. Identify possible risks at car/motor parking and resolve conflict where it arises
  4. Carry out regular patrol of parking area and note for any issues and report to the Security Supervisor and Operations Officer
  5. Organize all motors
  6. Ensure daily reports are produced showing irregular occurrences, such as damage to property, conflicts or any other incidents
  7. Ensure a safe, hazard free, and clean parking environment
  8. Assist all customers to move in and out of vehicles
  9. Perform regular patrol on all parking levels and provide assistance to visitors to locate vehicle if required
  10. Counts parked vehicles and holds required spaces for reservations; places sign in view when lot is full
  11. Check vehicles for parking pass and report for those having no pass
  12. Responsible for Parking Revenue collection

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