3 ways to List your property for sale in Cambodia

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3 ways to List your property for sale in Cambodia

During the rapid development of the real estate sector in Cambodia, property supply has increased significantly to respond to existing demand which results from population growth, living standard improvement, and increasing foreign investment. However, the oversupply can lead to an excessive amount of unsold properties in the market. As a result, the property price declines and it becomes more difficult for the property owner to sell their products. So, what are the best listing methods to get your property sold as quickly as possible? If you want to learn more about property listing for sale then you should continue reading to find out more. 

         A real estate property listing refers to the display of property whether residential, commercial, office space, industrial, etc onto the compiled list marking that the property is available for sale or rent. Here are three different types of property listing you should know of:          

Property Listing Through Social Media     

Property owners who tend to spend their time on social media platforms can actually make use of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to list their properties for sale. Although it is possible to create a post to put their property for sale personally, listing properties for sale on social media with realtors is more effective and efficient. Social media platforms are now attracting more leads from potential buyers as they spend a lot of time on these platforms and not to mention how these social media platforms are now becoming the younger generation’s go-to method when looking to buy something. 


Property Listing with Real Estate Listing Agents

If you are skeptical of listing your property for sale on social media then you can also try listing with real estate listing agents. A property that is listed by these real estate agents is carefully studied and analyzed on how to market and price the properties. It is an exchange agreement between the property owner and the real estate agent or broker to authorize the selling or renting of a property.  Since real estate listing agents have wider networks and lists of potential buyers, selling a property with the help of the listing agents will not take a long time nor does the property owner have to take any big loss from the sale. For instance, a property owner can list down their property for sale with CBRE to fasten the sale process and reach out to many potential buyers. Property owners will allow CBRE’s real estate agents to put up the property for sale with the terms and conditions set by the property owner. Generally, an agreement on the commissions and time period for selling the property will be discussed and agreed upon by both the property owner and real estate agent prior to listing the property for sale. 


Property Listing on Websites

Property listing on websites is by far the most effective and efficient way to expose your property to potential buyers. Most properties that are listed on real estate company websites for sale are handled by qualified and experienced real estate agents. Therefore, not only will the property be advertised and marketed for maximum exposure, but the property will also be easily shown to millions of people who search for properties on sale and also introduced to potential buyers by the real estate agents too. Another benefit of listing your properties on websites is that most buyers can find the credentials of the real estate company representing your property hence closing the deal with a high market value is more than possible. 


Which listing method is the most effective?       

     Among the three methods for property listing, listing properties for sale on a website is probably the best option out there. Here are a few more additional benefits you will get from property listing on websites:          

  • More qualified leads from buyers 
  • Able to stand out from other property owners by showcasing your properties or your great deals
  • Does not take up a lot of time and effort in selling your property 
  • Listing on websites is free and comes with expert help to close the deal 
  • Allow buyers to get all the information necessary before going for a physical tour of the property 


Best Practices For Property Listing on Websites

           Some tips to help you get even more out of website property listing and sell your property faster is by doing all these things: 

  • Use high-quality photos of your property on the website 
  • Make sure that your property is priced just right or consult with a professional valuer or CBRE real estate agent, etc
  • Point out the main and most attractive features of the property
  • Use Search Engine Optimization practices in your property descriptions 
  • Make sure of social media platforms by sharing the listing of your property on these platforms as well 
  • Prepare and make sure that your property is presentable for touring from potential buyers at all time 


Tips on Choosing The Right Website for Listing Your Property 


           Here is a helpful guide on what to look for in website listings to sell property in Cambodia: 

  • Check on the website’s area of expertise and services 
  • Consider the type of real estate properties that are included in the existing property listings
  • Check to see the use of quality photos, listing descriptions, and contact information 
  • Go through or should seek a review from an expert about the effectiveness of the listing 
  • Learn about the company’s network or the ranking of the website so that your property will get the maximum exposure and outreach to potential buyers 
  • Take notice of the listing’s organization and consistency 
  • Make sure to check the real estate agent’s competency and performance in helping sell previous properties 


         In recent years, more and more real estate property listings are available in Cambodia and their popularity among real estate property owners increase as well. Many property owners decide to list their property for sale and are very satisfied with the results they get. Nonetheless, it is still very important to have a reliable source and supportive team to back up the listing too. For a fast and effective result, property owners are recommended to check CBRE property listing and contact the team for listing or inquiry on other professional services too

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