Chamkarmon 10 Best Sale Offers for Residential Real Estate

17 April 2023 | Posted in Content Hub | Tagged: Residential Real Estate

People tend to identify success in many different ways, and for some, having their own real estate properties is counted as being successful. This is because owning real estate properties, especially residential properties gives them a sense of stability, independence, and control over their finances and life decisions. However, owning residential real estate does not always have to be a house. In fact, most young adults prefer to own a condominium or apartment as their first residential property. If you can relate to the description above or are currently looking to own condominiums or apartments in Chamkarmon District, you should definitely continue reading down below. Find out our 

Top 10 best and recommended sale offers for residential properties in Chamkarmon

10. Toul Tumpung II Luxury Villa

Are you looking for a new, modern, and spacious living space for your family? This luxury villa located at Toul Tumpung II is the ideal home that you are searching for. The villa is just 5 minutes away from Russian Market and nearby cafes, restaurants, and entertainment places. 

This villa is a 3-story building with a land size of 456,3 square meters that can accommodate a huge family with 8 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a maid room, a kitchen, and a rooftop. The villa has a contemporary design and offers a very spacious, luxurious, and comfortable living space and environment for you and your family. 

9. European Style Villa for Sale in BKK 3

If you enjoy city life like walking in the park and living in the center of the city, you should definitely consider this villa. This European Style Villa is built on a perfect landscape of 803sqm with an elegant lifestyle and entertainment space from the outside and inside. It consists of 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and an open living/dining area with furnished and oversized sofas. One highlight of this property is the indoor fishpond, where you can get a relaxed feeling and feel cool in the house. Though the property has a very peaceful setting, the location is also convenient, just a 400-meter drive from Mao Tse Toung Blvd, 5 minutes to BKK1, 4 minutes to the Russian Market and other business places. 

8. BKK1 1-Bedroom Studio Apartment

If you are looking for a studio apartment to live alone or as a couple, you should check out this 1-bedroom studio apartment situated in a peaceful corner of BKK1. This studio apartment is a project of Láttrait Boeung Keng Kang, which offers the owner a sophisticated and calming residence.   

The studio apartment provides a spacious living space for 1-2 people with 1 bedroom,  a living room, a Japanese-style kitchen, and a bathroom. A good view of the city from the 9th floor, good lighting, and air ventilation in this apartment will ensure that the owner has a healthy living environment. 

7. BKK1 Luxurious Condominium

Are you all about aesthetics and living big? We have the perfect condominium for you! This new and luxurious condominium is a project of Times Square 306, located in BKK1. The condominium offers owners easy access to the building’s lobby cafe, a sky pool, a gym and sports facilities, a rooftop garden, and a kid’s playground. It is located in the city centre, making it more convenient to travel to other commercial and leisure places such as shopping malls, cafes, office spaces, etc.  

This luxurious condominium has a size of 60 square meters with a very modern design to fit the urban lifestyle. Although it may seem that this luxurious condominium may be expensive, it actually offers a reasonable and affordable price for many. 

6. Diamond Island 1-Bedroom Condominium

This 1-bedroom condominium in Diamond Island can offer you peace and a quiet getaway from the hectic life in the city center. The location of this 1-bedroom condominium is not too far making commuting to and from work very easy, and it is not too far away from commercial spaces such as Aeon Mall, embassies, and other leisure or entertainment places.   

Besides its location in Diamond Island, other great features of this condominium are that it also served as a serviced apartment with 24-hour security, a backup electricity generator, and a fire safety system to support your lifestyle. The unit size of this 1-bedroom condominium is 40 square meters on the 16th floor with a balcony, a living room, and a kitchen. The owner of this condominium will also have access to an infinity swimming pool, a gym, a sauna room, and other amenities including a business center with conference and meeting rooms.

5. One Bedroom For Sale in BKK1 | City View

If you are looking for a home as a newlywed couple or on your own, this modern condominium can help end your stressful search. The condominium has 1 bedroom, a bathroom, a spacious living room, and a kitchen with a total unit size of 75 square meters. The condominium is also fully furnished with everyday living necessities. 

The owner of this modern condominium can enjoy the fresh air from the 18th floor. The owner also has access to the rooftop outdoor space for gatherings, a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, and other amenities. There is nothing to worry about regarding parking space, privacy, and security as it is all provided for the owner of this condominium.  

4. Riverside Modern Renovated Apartment 

This serviced apartment is a renovated apartment with a very modern and attractive interior design. The apartment is renovated to have 2 floors with a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom on the 1st floor and a separate bedroom, a balcony, and space for working or studying on the 2nd floor. This apartment would make a great fit for those who enjoy a minimal yet efficient lifestyle.   

The apartment will offer the owner access to many entertainment places as it is located within close proximity to Riverside and the Royal Palace. Whether it is, outdoor exercise, cruise boat riding along the river, visiting the Royal Palace or National Museum, or even enjoying the nightlife is just within a short distance. 

3. BKK1 2-Bedroom Apartment

A residence with a good living environment is an important key to a happy life. This high-end apartment in BKK1 is on the 15th floor and has a unit size of 91 square meters. It has 2 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms,  an open kitchen, and a living room with access to the outdoor balcony where you can sit and relax all day long. The apartment is a perfect home for a family with small children. 

The apartment offers the owner access to a gym, a mini-mart, a kid’s room, a coffee lounge, a smoking area, a meeting room, and a ping pong room. The owner can see a fantastic view from the swimming pool and sky bar on the 43rd floor. In addition, the apartment is equipped with household amenities including hot and cold water, kitchenware, a cable tv, air conditioning, etc. This modern 2-bedroom apartment is a great environment for a happy life or a happy family life.  

2. BKK1 Classy & Modern Apartment 

This apartment is located in BKK1 and is furnished with the necessary furniture and appliances for the new owner. It is 81 square meters with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a separate living room, a kitchen, and an outdoor balcony. The apartment offers a very classy, modern, and comfy environment for living.  

The owner of this 2-bedroom apartment can be reassured of their safety and privacy with a 24hrs security system. Additional amenities include a cable tv, a hot and cold shower, a washing machine, air conditioning, and a backup power generator.  

1. J Tower 2-Bedroom Residential Apartment

Choosing a good apartment as your home can be your everyday reward. Imagine having a beautiful apartment for yourself and your family with a good view, fresh air, and a high standard of living. If you want to find all these qualities within the residential apartment, J Tower 2 is the best choice for you. 

This residential apartment is on the 26th floor with 2 bedrooms and a total unit size of 91 square meters. Its location allows the owner to make a 3-minute trip for grocery shopping at Thai Hout supermarket, a short driving distance to Aeon Mall and other nearby leisure and entertainment places. Besides this, the apartment building also grants access to a car parking space, a sky bar, and an outdoor and indoor swimming pool.    

It is hard to come across good sale offers on condominiums and apartments. If you are interested in any of our top 10 best residential real estate sale offers in Chamkarmon District, it is advised that you don’t delay. Contact CBRE for more information on your favorite offer now before it’s no longer available!

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