Cambodia Real Estate Agents – What can they do for you?

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Cambodia Real Estate Agents

Cambodia Real Estate Agents – What can they do for you?

The real estate industry sometimes can be quite stressful whether you are a first-timer or have been involved in the industry for a while. The buying or selling process of a property involves market research, property inspection, contract negotiation, legal paperwork, and the transfer of ownership. There are some additional difficulties for buyers and property owners considering the growing real estate market in Cambodia. Fortunately, working with a real estate agent is a solution to all of these problems for both property owners and buyers. Want to know how working with real estate agents in Cambodia can help you buy or sell real estate property more efficiently?

Cambodia Real Estate Agents – Who are they?

Real estate agents are professionals who are given licenses to help people facilitate the buying, selling, or renting process of all types of real estate property. Real estate agents must meet criteria set by the real estate company or the Ministry of Economy and Finance to be recognized as licensed real estate agents. They have to complete training courses on real estate knowledge to get certified and licensed too. So if you’re wondering if working with real estate agents in Cambodia is reliable or not, rest assured that working with them will only make the whole process more convenient and stress-free for you!


Cambodia Real Estate Agents – What can they do for you? 

So you now know who real estate agents are, but what exactly do they do and how will what they do benefit you? Here is a list of real estate agents’ key responsibilities: 

  • Be knowledgeable about the real estate market: 

Real estate agents are required to have comprehensive knowledge related to real estate. This includes the market condition, the market value of properties, current and future development plans, and information on the surrounding area. This can be helpful when advising clients where to buy or rent properties or even how to put their properties for sale or rent. 


  • Act as a trustworthy property radar: 

Real estate agents have more access to connections and search power to find real estate properties across the country. Therefore, they will ensure that you are given the information on properties that are most suitable to your request and necessary to your final decision-making. If you struggle to find a property that is appropriate to your budget or sell your property at a set price, real estate agents can help you achieve this objective. 


  • Provide professional and ethical experience:

As part of their training, real estate agents have a responsibility in providing clients with the best experience whether they are looking to buy or sell a property. According to the client’s objective, real estate agents will help to complete the mission without biased opinions or self-interest and conduct themselves professionally at all times.


  • Be a logical advisor and supportive negotiator: 

In addition to being professional, real estate agents are also well-versed in giving solutions or answers to your inquiries regarding real estate. When working with real estate agents, you can trust that you’re working with a trusted advisor who will help you make the best decision and get the best possible deal for you as a priority. This means that if you are looking for a property, the list of properties is specifically curated to personal preferences. As for your property owners, you can rest assured that your property won’t sell below the market price. 


  • Capable of handling legal paper works: 

Having to deal with all the legal matters and processing the paperwork is very troublesome, however, this will no longer be a worry to you as the real estate agents will have to prepare the paperwork on your behalf. In addition, whether you are a seller or buyer, you won’t need to stress over the details or spend additionally on a legal advisor during this process. 


Cambodia Real Estate Agents – What you should know? 

           Before making the final decision in working with real estate agents, it is understandable that knowing the benefits and setbacks of working with real estate agents will bring. To make it easier, we have listed down some pros and cons for both real estate property owners and buyers who are considering trusting the work with real estate agents. 

If you are a buyer looking to buy or rent real estate properties with the help of real estate agents, here is what you should know beforehand:


  • Save your time and energy in checking out properties that are clearly not for you 
  • Able to navigate through different properties and learn about market conditions on the property with ease 
  • Lessen the stress of negotiation with the property owner for the best deal 
  • Help you avoid legal loopholes when buying a property 
  • Paperwork on the handing over and property ownership process is taken care of by real estate agents 


  • Having a middleman to communicate might cause unnecessary misunderstanding or not having full clarity with the property owner
  • Some real estate agents might only introduce you to properties that have higher commissions for them
  • Choosing the wrong real estate agent can cost you not only money but also your time

 Of course, the property owner also has both pros and cons when selling their property with real estate agents such as:


  • Selling your property will happen in a matter of time as real estate agents have many potential buyers at all times 
  • Marketing and presenting the property will be part of the agent’s responsibilities and much more effective even 
  • Real estate agents can help you close the deal faster and more conveniently 
  • Have access to other professionals for help whether fixing minor or major repairs or getting legal work done through the real estate agent’s network 
  • Ensure that the process will be done professionally and ethically without taking advantage of your initial sale conditions 


  • Less flexibility as you will be required to sign an exclusive contract 
  • Commissions will have to be given to the real estate agent from the sale of the property 
  • Not having full undivided attention and having mixed timetables will possibly happen when working with real estate agents  


The Ultimate Question: Should you work with real estate agents in Cambodia? 

       Over the last decades, more and more real estate companies have established good reputations and reviews of their work. CBRE Cambodia, for instance, is the first-ever international real estate services firm in Cambodia. Not only is CBRE credible for their fair real estate report based on the condition of the real estate market in Cambodia each year but they also offer professional services to the public regarding real estate sales and leasing, valuation, advisory, consulting, property management, and more. CBRE Cambodia is one of the top trusted real estate services providers and has very qualified real estate agents looking to solve your real estate problems. 

Nonetheless, it is very important that you choose the right real estate agent to work with. Here are a few things you should look for in your real estate agent:

  • Look for an agent that is specialized in the service you’re seeking help from and has good real estate market knowledge 
  • Test their communication ability and experience in buying or selling real estate property to ensure a smooth workflow 
  • Check the agent’s credentials and past work reviews to fact-check their professionalism and performance  
  • Get referrals or personal feedback from past clients working with the real estate agent or company before proceeding
  • Choose to work with a real estate agent that is not working double for the buyer or seller 

        Overall, the stereotype of working with real estate agents is unnecessary. On the contrary, you will spend less time and less effort throughout the whole selling or buying process of a real estate property. It is highly encouraged that you contact a professional real estate agent to help you, after all, why choose the hard way when you can have real estate agents help you with the stressful process? If you are currently looking to buy or sell any real estate property, you may contact the CBRE Cambodia team for further inquiries and services.

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