Best Real Estate Properties Sales Offer in Chamkarmon District

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Do you know that residential properties in Cambodia have upgraded to be more modern and available compared to the last decade? It is now easier to find residential properties suited for living and also for investing in the long term. If you are among the many in this pursuit, you will be pleased to check out our top 10 best residential properties for sale. Check out our list down below!  

Best Real Estate Properties Sales Offer in Chamkarmon District

10. Tonle Bassac Luxury 2-Bedroom Apartment 

For those who enjoy the essence of luxury living, you may find this property the best offer in the market. This 2-bedroom apartment on the 10th floor at Tonle Bassac takes inspiration from the Italian art style and Japanese elegance. The whole apartment is furnished with a black Italian interior design and kitchen layout with wall marbling. The 2-bedroom apartment also fused the concept of Japanese simplicity and elegance, creating a classy and spacious living space. 

The owner is also given access to amenities such as a modern gym, a swimming pool with an amazing view from the 18th floor, elevator access, a personal parking space, and 24hrs security. This 2-bedroom apartment is also fully equipped with a hot and cold shower, air conditioning, kitchenware, a washing machine, internet access, cable tv, and many more. The best thing is that the apartment is located in Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District which is just three minutes away from Kbal Tnal Hospital, five minutes from Aeon Mall, ten minutes from Wat Botum Park, and also Olympic Market. The location of this luxury apartment will make it easier for those who enjoy living within the city center and like to enjoy their free time with nearby entertainment or leisure activities.           

9. Tonle Bassac 1-Bedroom Condominium


If you are a newlywed couple or someone wanting to move out, you might be interested in this 1-bedroom condominium at Tonle Bassac Commune. This condominium is located south of Norodom Boulevard within driving distance of AEON Mall, Beoung Keng Kang 1 district, and other nearby places for entertainment, leisure activities, and nightlife. If you are someone who prefers places that offer peace and quiet, this condominium is a great choice for you as it is located in the more peaceful part of Tonle Bassac.  

This 1-bedroom condominium will surely give you a welcoming and nurturing environment to live in. Apart from the comfortable living environment, this condominium also comes with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine, a furnished living room, and a dining room. In addition, you will also have access to the pool and gym facilities on the rooftop floor with 24hrs security, a parking space, and more perks that come with the 1-bedroom apartment. 

8. BKK1 Modern 1-Bedroom Apartment

Do you enjoy having an active lifestyle? Then this 1-bedroom apartment located at BKK1 will be the right choice for you. The newly renovated apartment is designed to fit with the trendy and modern interior style that offers an environment best suited for the owner.  In addition to the newly renovated interior design, this apartment is also very well maintained and is in tip-top condition for immediate move-in. Other than this, this 1-bedroom apartment also offers a warm and cozy environment for gathering as well as self-relaxing leisure time. You can also enjoy walking to the city center as it is located at the closest distance.  

The 1-bedroom apartment will also offer the owner privacy and a sense of exclusiveness as it is on the 9th floor. The surrounding area of the apartment includes shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, gyms, mini-mart, clinics, and many more. The 1-bedroom apartment will offer a modern living experience and support your active lifestyle with great satisfaction. 

7. BKK1 1-Bedroom Condominium

If you are finding a perfect place to start a small family but prefer not to buy a house just yet, you may find this beautiful 1-bedroom condominium at BKK1 very appealing. Choosing the right place to start the family plays a crucial role. With this 1-bedroom condominium, you will ensure that your family can have fresh air with a great view from the 10th floor. Moreover, this condominium is the perfect size for a young couple with a unit size of 61 square meters. An oversized outdoor balcony, spacious room for two, and fully furnished home appliances can help create one happy family life.    

This condominium in BKK1 can also help you take a break from the hectic city life with the nature-inspired interiors design and communal spaces. The new family will also have easy access to grocery shopping as the condo is only 150 meters away from Thai Hout supermarket and other nearby fast-food or dining restaurants, pharmacies, cafes, etc. 

6. Tonle Bassac 1-Bedroom High-End Condominium

The best offer to experience professional and high-end living at this premium condominium on the 14th floor. The owner of this condominium will be able to enjoy a beautiful and refreshing view of the Tonle Bassac River from the living room or the balcony. In addition, this building also accommodates the first revolving Sky bar in Phnom Penh. It is located just 1 meter from AEON Mall and within a short distance of the city business center (CBD), entertainment, and leisure facilities. This condominium is the most sought-after location for local and foreign investors and even local ex-pats.   

This condominium offers 1 bedroom, a fully furnished living room, a kitchen with equipped kitchenware, and an oven. Other amenities including cable tv, internet access, a washing machine, air conditioning, and a hot and cold shower are also offered with the condominium.    

5. Tonle Bassac Studio Apartment 

If you want more affordable living space on your own, you might want to seal the deal on this studio apartment. This particular apartment is designed as a studio unit which is very suitable as a living space for one or two people. This studio room is located at Tonle Bassac Commune, a very attractive location for local and foreign expats or investors. In addition, this studio room also offers a very private and secure environment to live in. You can also see the river and city view from the 16th-floor studio condominium or take a five-minute drive to get to AEON Mall. Many popular restaurants, cafes, marts, and shopping malls are also within short driving distances.    

This studio apartment is equipped with built-in wardrobes and has a fully furnished living room and a kitchen. The apartment also grants access to amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and also sky bar all in one place. This studio condominium offers good security and long-term investment considering the location and property price. 

4. Beoung Trabek Residential Shophouse

If you want to settle down and also start a small business at the same time, you should consider this shophouse located at Boeung Trabek. But, if you already have a small family and are looking to relocate, this shophouse is more than suitable for you and your children. The shophouse is located within the city center. Plus, this shophouse is currently vacant and ready for moving in anytime. 

This shophouse is 4 meters x 11 meters with 3 bedrooms and a land size of 47 square meters. This shophouse is suitable for small businesses considering it’s facing the west on the main road and is just a 230-meter drive from Preah Monivong Blvd. This shophouse is also a good investment for rent or a multi-purpose residential property.  

3. BKK1 Luxury Studio Condominium

This studio condominium is located at M Residence, Boeung Keng Kang 1 commune. The condominium is a studio room with a modern interior design to fit with a luxury living style. Other than that, this condominium offers high living standards with access to all amenities such as a rooftop swimming pool over the splendid city view, a fully equipped gym, a sky bar, and even reception services. This luxury studio condominium is within the city center which is very easy for commuting to work or enjoying weekends at cafes, restaurants, or the nightlife at BKK1.  

This studio condominium is a great place to live alone or as a new couple. The condominium unit is 25 square meters and spaciously designed for modern living with easy access to many transportation routes and is behind Hun Neang Beoung Trabek Khang Koeut Primary School.   

2. Psar Derm Thkov Residential Land

For those who are looking for residential properties that can be renovated into investment properties such as boutique hotels, apartments, or private residences, you might find the residential land at Psar Derm Thkov a very considerable offer. This residential land is 338 square meters in size with L Map Title. The frontage of the residential property is 12.5 meters with a length of 25 meters. The residential land is only 350 meters driving distance from Street 271.  

With more residential development plans nearby the area, this residential land can be a very big and profitable investment. Moreover, this residential land can be used for multi-purpose for rent, warehousing, or other investment ventures in the long term.  

1. Psar Derm Thov Residential Twin Villa

This residential property, located near Psar Derm Thkov, is a twin villa with 9 bedrooms and 2 floors. The residential twin villa is 420 square meters which is very spacious and suitable for a medium-sized or big family. The Twin Villa is located in the best area for future residential development. This twin villa can be a great new relocation for the family or even be a good office space for a private company considering its land size and the number of rooms. The twin villa is currently vacant and is awaiting for its new owner. 

If you’ve made it to the end of our top 10 selected real estate properties for sale in the Chamkarmon district, we hope that you have found an offer that captures your interests and suits you well. For more information and inquiries on any of the selected properties in this list, please contact CBRE real estate agent team for more information.

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