Top 10 Best Leasing Residential Properties in Chamkarmon

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In a lively and rapidly growing city like Phnom Penh, owning residential properties within the city can be quite costly. For young adults and entrepreneurs, living in the city can offer more conveniences in their daily life than living in the suburbs of the city. If you are one of the people looking for a residence within the city center, you can instead rent residential properties which is less costly compared to buying residential properties. In this article, CBRE Cambodia will present the top 10 best leasing residential properties in Chamkarmon. Check out the top 10 best leasing offers down below!

Top 10 Best Leasing Residential Properties in Chamkarmon

10. Tonle Bassac 1 Bedroom Condominium

A quiet and solitary place yet not too distant from the city center, this condominium is located in the quieter part of Tonle Bassac Commune in the Chamkarmon district. In addition, the condominium is within a short driving distance from many restaurants, cafes, entertainment, leisure places, and Aeon Mall. 

The condominium has a unit size of 58 square meters occupying a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen. The 1-bedroom condominium also offers other amenities such as air conditioning, cable tv, a hot and cold shower, a washing machine, an oven, and kitchenware. Moreover, a tenant of this condominium is also given access to a swimming pool and gym facilities on the rooftop floor, 24-hour security, and privacy.

9. Tonle Bassac Residential Condominium

For those who like to enjoy the beautiful city view from the 9th floor, this condominium located in Tonle Bassac Commune is very suitable for your lifestyle. This condominium offers a tenant a sense of warmth and security with 24-hour security and is surrounded by commercial places. This 1-bedroom condominium is a great place for an ex-pat, a newlywed couple, or those who are looking to live independently.  

In addition to its location, living environment, privacy, and security, this condominium also offers a tenant fully furnished amenities such as internet access, cable tv, air conditioning, washing machine, kitchenware, and many more. In addition to this, this condominium offers a very affordable leasing price. 

8. BKK1 Studio Apartment

A classic modern convenient living space is quite popular among young adults. If these are the qualities you are looking for in your next residence, then this studio apartment will be the one for you. This studio apartment is located in Beoung Keng Kang 1 Commune, a lively and all-around commune in which you can find anything you need. From accessibility to hospitals, pharmacies, cafes, schools, restaurants, and shopping malls, this condominium will be a short driving distance from your workplace.   

This studio apartment in BKK1 offers you a spacious 1-bedroom, a living room, and an outdoor balcony and is also equipped with cable tv, internet access, air conditioning, a backup generator, and safety systems. The condominium provides a safe and friendly environment for your pets. Furthermore, it serves as a serviced apartment with a unit size of 12 square meters on the 9th floor. This studio apartment offers a great deal of comfort and conveniences to a tenant.

7. Tonle Bassac Rental Queen Villa

If you are looking for a new home for your family, you will want to consider this Queen Villa located at Tonle Bassac Commune. This queen villa is an ideal home for a medium size family with 1 to  3 children since the villa has 4 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms, with an additional maid room. The house also has a parking space, a spacious living room, a balcony, and a backyard for a kitchen and storage as well. 

Moreover, this queen villa is situated at a great location for a family to commute to work, school, or other entertainment places. This queen villa is within a short driving distance from Aeon Mall and Beoung Keng Kang 1 Commune, which is surrounded by cafes, gyms, restaurants, etc. This particular queen villa at Tonle Bassac also offers tenant-guarded security, a sense of community, and a great living environment for the family.

6. Tonle Bassac 3-Bedroom Condominium

This 3-bedroom condominium is located in Tonle Bassac commune. It has a unit size of 89 square meters offering a comfortable, and luxurious lifestyle with a great view from the 31st floor. The interior and exterior of this condominium are of Singaporean standards. The modern and relaxing environment that this condominium offers allows you and your family to enjoy a healthy, and quality lifestyle. This condominium also accommodates a swimming pool, a gym, an indoor playground, and an outdoor relaxation area. This 3-bedroom condominium makes a great home for those who are looking for high-standard living space for their family.    

5. BKK1 Residential Apartment

Are you looking for an apartment in the city for one or as a couple? Do you prefer a ready-to-move-in and fully furnished apartment? Then take a look no further! This 1-bedroom apartment in Diamond Island is the answer to your questions. With a unit size of 68.26 square meters, this apartment occupies 1 bedroom, a comfortable living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an outdoor terrace. The view from the 31st floor of the unit allows you to enjoy a stress-free life. 

This interior is designed to fit with the modern and compact lifestyle. It would make a great residential home for an individual to live independently or with a companion of another individual. Otherwise, this apartment in BKK1 is a pet-friendly place so you can have a pet as your companion.        

4. BKK1 3-Bedroom Apartment

Another great apartment for a small or medium-sized family is none other than this 3-bedroom apartment located in BKK1. The apartment has been fully furnished and given a very cozy and warm living environment for its new owner. This 3-bedroom apartment unit has been equipped with amenities including an internet access, cable tv, air conditioning, etc. The apartment has 24hrs security and safety systems. 

This apartment is 165 square meters and is on the 17th floor. Its location makes it convenient for the owner to get to many places such as restaurants, shopping malls, retail shops, schools, and other leisure places. This apartment has shared space for tenants including a common area and parking space. This fully furnished 3-bedroom apartment offers for rent at a reasonable price and is negotiable. 

3. Bkk1 Rental Serviced Apartment

Looking to scale up your family’s quality of life and living standards? You should definitely consider this apartment at BKK1. A homey and sophisticated apartment like this one will only make you and your family even more content. The apartment is a serviced apartment on the 6th floor with a unit size of 200 square meters. 

The 3-bedroom apartment is furnished with everyday necessities. In addition, there is also access to the gym, a swimming pool, a steam, and a sauna, a cleaning service two times per week. Additionally, the serviced apartment is also very well secured and at a short distance from other nearby commercial and leisure places.   

2. BKK2 Luxurious Serviced Apartment

This apartment in BBK2 is a serviced apartment on the 9th floor. It is 158 square meters occupying 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, and an outdoor balcony. Amenities that are offered with this apartment include a hot and cold shower, air conditioning, cable tv, internet access, a washing machine, and many more. This apartment has been furnished with all basic necessities and is ready for a new tenant. 

On top of that, this serviced apartment also offers cleaning services and linen changes two times per week. Other amenities within the apartment include a steam and a sauna, a jacuzzi, a gym, a swimming pool, an IPTV, and internet access. The view and location of this apartment are pleasant with easy access to the nearby leisure activities, and other additional services provided by the apartment management. 

1. Tonle Bassac 3 Bedroom Condominium 

Another condominium that you can check out is this 3-bedroom apartment in Tonle Bassac. It is a pet-friendly and secure apartment complex with a unit size of 181 square meters. This apartment offers a view and fresh breath from the 5th floor to a tenant. A healthy and secure environment for living and full access to other amenities is also offered in this package.  

Not only is this 3-bedroom apartment spacious, but it also has a very luxurious and modern interior design. With fully furnished furniture, appliances, and other household maintenance, this apartment offers a private yet secure living environment for individuals and also families. 

        Certainly, trying to find a suitable leasing property for yourself and your family can be time and energy-consuming. Hopefully, our top 10 best leasing residential properties in Chamkarmon can help you with this process. If you have any further inquiries, the CBRE Cambodia team can help provide you with more details, and other services as well

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