Top 10 Affordable Leasing Residential Properties

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Residential properties are among the most sought-after properties in the real estate industry. The demand for affordable housing continues to surge in Cambodia, especially for those belongings in the middle-income to low-income groups. For the generation’s young adults, leasing residential properties strikes as an even more ideal solution to housing problems. If you are among those who are looking for affordable leasing properties, you should find our top 10 affordable leasing residential properties very helpful in your search.

Finding an affordable residential property to lease can really take a load off your financial burden. Check out our top 10 selected affordable leasing residential properties down below!

10. Cozy 1-Bedroom Studio in BKK1

For those who are looking for a cozy and homey place to live, you might want to consider this studio apartment in BKK1. This studio apartment has a modern yet minimalist interior design, it offers a very peaceful environment to live in. The unit size of this studio is 30 square meters, offering a 1-bedroom and a bathroom.
In addition to the prime location, the tenant can easily walk to nearby marts, coffee shops, restaurants, and many more places. Besides the 1-bedroom studio is also a serviced apartment with the most affordable rent. Other additional offers include cleaning services twice per week, internet, and cable tv access, air conditioning, motorbike parking space, security, and many more.

9. Residential 1-Bedroom Apartment in BKK3

Are you looking for an affordable apartment for rent to start a small family? Let us introduce to you this 1-bedroom apartment, an all-around great residence to live in with an affordable leasing price. With a location that is just 5 minutes from the Russian Market, BKK1, and also the Point Community Mall, you can conveniently get to places for entertainment, groceries, leisure, etc.
Tenants can move into this fully furnished apartment right away. This residential apartment accommodates 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. Moreover, the tenants can enjoy amenities including air conditioning, 24-hour security, a washing machine, and internet access.

8. Modern Studio Apartment near Russian Market

If you are considering moving out or relocating to a more modern living space, we have just the right recommendation for you. With its location near the Russian Market, this studio apartment is also just a 20-minute drive from Phnom Penh International Airport. With a very surprisingly low rental fee, tenants of this studio apartment can enjoy a convenient and modern lifestyle.
Besides providing weekly cleaning services, the tenants also have access to the gym and pool facilities on the top floor. In addition, the fully furnished studio apartment also comes with cable tv and internet access, air conditioning, security, and other amenities. With a view from the 12th floor, this studio apartment offers a very outstanding environment for healthy living and comfort.

7. 1-Bedroom Serviced Apartment in BKK3

When it comes to searching for a suitable home as a newlywed or living as a couple, you might want to choose a place that is comfortable yet spacious enough to live in. With a unit size of 57 square meters, this 1-bedroom apartment is designed to have everything you might need without feeling stuffy. In addition to the natural lighting and air from the outdoor balcony, both the apartment’s interior design and furniture offer a very classy and healthy living environment for young couples.
The studio apartment is pet-friendly, safe and secure, and very convenient to live in. Moreover, the amenities provided with the apartment include internet access, cable tv, air conditioning, hot and cold shower as well as access to the facilities. This 1-bedroom apartment would make a great living environment at an affordable leasing price.

6. Affordable Riverview Condominium in Chroy Changvar

After a tiring or even stressful day, we usually want to be somewhere relaxing and calm. With a Riverview from the 11th floor located in Chroy Changvar, this pet-friendly condominium offers a calming living environment with a high level of privacy and security for the whole family.
The fully furnished condominium has a unit size of 90 square meters. There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and an outdoor balcony. Tenants can also enjoy the amenities provided by the condominium and access to the facilities including the swimming pool, gym, steam, and sauna too. Considering its very affordable rent, this condominium is a very great deal for a small or growing family.

5. Homey 1-Bedroom Condominium near Russian Market

Feel the comfort of your very own home when living in this 1-bedroom serviced condominium. The condominium is an excellent choice for those with an active lifestyle and appreciates the convenience of getting to places quickly. It is located near the Russian Market and is only within 8 minutes away from AEON Mall, and BKK1. In addition to the close proximity to cafe shops, retail shops, markets, banks, and more. Tenants can also have a very healthy lifestyle with free access to the gym and swimming pool.
This 1-bedroom condominium also has 1 separate bathroom, a living room, and a balcony to enjoy the view from the 5th floor. The condominium rent covers weekly cleaning services, 24-hour security surveillance, and amenities such as a hot and cold shower, internet access, a washing machine, air conditioning, and kitchenware.

4. 1-Bedroom Residential Condominium in BKK

Whether you are an expat or moving from the provinces to Phnom Penh, this 1-bedroom residential condominium in BKK would make a great home. Living from the 16th floor, the tenant can easily view the city from the balcony. Residents can enjoy a stress-free living environment with access to the swimming pool, gym, and sky bar.
This residential condominium accommodates 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and a relaxing space. Furnished with amenities such as air conditioning, a hot and cold shower, a washing machine, internet, and cable tv access, the rent for this condominium also cover the management fee. This residential condominium would make an excellent and affordable home.

3. Stylish 1-Bedroom Apartment in BKK1

Whether you are a newlywed couple or looking for a space to live on your own, this stylish apartment will totally captivate your attention. The interior design and layout provide a fashionable and convenient living lifestyle. Located in BKK1, the tenant can easily get to nearby restaurants, and cafes or drive a short distance to AEON Mall. Tenants can even enjoy a relaxing time at the rooftop sky bar without driving elsewhere.
This apartment is on the 4th floor and has a unit size of 45 square meters. It is a serviced apartment that offers a very affordable rental rate for all the included services and amenities. Moreover, the management fee and parking fee are also free of charge. From cleaning services, laundry services, air conditioning, power generator, and even cable tv and interest access are all offered. This great deal for such a convenient living space is hard to come by.

2. Luxurious 2-Bedroom Apartment in BKK1

This luxurious apartment offers a perfect living environment for everyone, especially for a small family with children. It is located in BKK1 where malls, marts, restaurants, schools, and cafes are all very close by. A spacious apartment unit with the size of 80 square meters on the 3rd level, the apartment also has a great surrounding living environment. The outdoor balcony can offer a view of greenery, natural lighting, and fresh air.
The interior design of the apartment itself gives a luxurious yet comfortable living style paired with a minimal unit layout. There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and plenty of unused space. Moreover, it is also a serviced apartment with a rent covering the internet and weekly cleaning fee. Since the place is already fully furnished, tenants can move in immediately.

1. Classy Residential Apartment in Beoung Trobek

A classy and high-standard residential apartment becomes even more desirable when it is also affordable. This serviced apartment is located in Beoung Trobek surrounded by office buildings, hospitals, banks, and office buildings. The apartment unit is on the 15th level with a unit size of 70.26 square meters, designed with a unique and modern layout.
The apartment offers spacious living spaces, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and very spacious balconies. Besides providing security, weekly cleaning services, and access to the pool and gym, the apartment also has other additional amenities including hot and cold showers, air conditioning, a washing machine, and access to internet and cable tv.

Our top 10 selected leasing properties not only provide you with a quality living environment, convenience, and a wide range of selections but are also very affordable for leasing. For more information, please contact our Residential Leasing Team via [email protected] or call us at 095 777 125.

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